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Nonprofit legal entity “the Agency of transport infrastructure management” was established by the local government body Sakrebulo of city of Batumi by the Resolution # 17 of January 31st 2012. The Agency represents a company the main activity if which is curing, preservation and maintenance of the road infrastructure of local significance (paving, sidewalk coverage(paving stone, sidewalk paving)), border stones and bollards (iron, stone , etc); development and regulation of traffic regulations, development of the common plan for traffic lights and road signs, their placement, operation and maintenance, implementation of works on road markings(road marking); bicycle paths laying (painting, marking); participation in the formation of the common policy in the field of road traffic safety on the territory of self-governing city of Batumi; deployment, protection and development of parking regulations on the territory of Batumi; installation of parking meters in the parking areas, their operation and equipping with appropriate marking; monitoring of parking in the city, issue parking tickets to offenders ; towing vehicles parked against the rules to the special parking lot using a tow truck; promotion the protection of concerns of pedestrians.


For the information of location of the vehicle, which is Transported (Evacuated) to a special parking area. please call!

If you have new license plate, it is necessary to change a parking chit to new plate. Refer to the Agency of transport infrastructure management.

Address: Batumi, Melikishvili St 81. Tel.: (0422) 212189